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Galeries fotogràfiques

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    FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related):
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    1<#assign articleUrl="/web/multimedia/fitxa-detall/-/contingut/"+ groupId+"/"+ .vars["reserved-article-url-title"].data> 
    3<#if img_imatge.getData()?has_content> 
    4    <#assign src_img= img_imatge.getData()> 
    5<#else>    <#assign src_img="/parcs-informatiu-theme/images/color_schemes/multimedia/galeria_fotos.png"> 
    7<p class="multimedia_viewcount"> 
    8	<img src="${src_img}" class="img_view_count"  style="float:left;margin-right:5px;max-width:106px" alt="${img_titol.getData()}" title="${img_titol.getData()}"> 
    9	<a title="${img_titol.getData()}" href="${articleUrl}" class="viewcount"> 
    10                  ${img_titol.getData()} 
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